Linux Presentation Day

have a look at Linux and give it a try

An international event for information about Linux

The Linux Presentation Day is an event which started in May 2015 in Germany and has spread across Europe since then; taking place twice per year (2016.1: April, 30th; 2016.2: October, 22nd). LPD events are an opportunity (free of charge) for people who are not familiar with Linux to have a look at it, ask questions and test it.

The LPD aim is to help visitors make a decision whether Linux may be an option for them in the future.

The most important aspect of the LPD is that the event becomes so big that non-IT media regularly cover this event.


2017.1 (April, 22nd) 2016.2 2016.1
Bristol Blackpool Blackpool
Bristol Hereford

hosting organizations

A wide spectrum of organizations can host an LPD event. In Germany the hosting organizations incorporate

An important part of the LPD concept is that very small organisations (even single persons) can try to organise such an event. The LPD community supports them in several ways (e.g. finding helpers and a location).


If you would like to organise an LPD location then please have a look at this web site and contact us:


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